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Play Length: Three Acts: Four Scenes
Act I: One of Whistler's famous Sunday morning breakfasts. The gay and distinguished company discusses the host, who is late (as usual). When he appears his wit and charm captivate (among the rest)…

Play Length: Three Acts: Eight Scenes
I.i The garden scene.
I.ii The same.
I.iii. Lord Ku's courtyard.
II.i The Evil House.
II.ii The same.
II.iii. The same.
III.i The scene is still the Evil House.
III.ii The exterior of an…

Play Length: Three Acts: Five Scenes
Synopsis: A murder mystery. A young couple, Jim and Enid Elder, arrive at their new house, Stormont station. The housekeeper's husband, Jerome Keddle, acts insanely. He believes the house is his property and…

Play Length: Three Acts
Synopsis: Kathleen Rawlins invites a party of people to visit her brother's station and pretend to be buyers, so as to get a better price out of Perry, a potential buyer, at auction. The psychic Phoebe Trelawney comes also,…

Play Length: One Act
Synopsis: Set in a Hertfordshire Valley. Two widows believe that Zedekiah Twopenny is a widower and is in love with them. They discuss their hopes (and fears of each other) while Zeddy is in a tree eavesdropping. He flirts with…

Play Length: Three Acts: Five Scenes
Synopsis: Love affairs and political intrigue at the Court of Louis XIV. However, all ends happily with the two lovers free to wed as the King sees through the stratagems of the courtiers.
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